Purchase for Institutions, Schools and Libraries

Institutions may purchase the film either in the form of a DVD  (via the Paypal link below) or as a 1-year or 3-year Institutional Streaming License (via the Kanopy link below). 

DVD Purchase

Institutions, schools and libraries may purchase Amal's Garden as a DVD for $150 via the Paypal button below.

Digital Streaming License (DSL) Purchase

In partnership with Kanopy Streaming, Amal's Garden is now available for schools and institutions via digital streaming. Please visit our film page on Kanopy to purchase a one-year Digital Streaming License for $150 or a three-year license for $300. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the film cost for institutions?

Faculty and staff at educational institutions, schools or libraries may purchase the film as a 1-year Digital Streaming License (DSL) for $150, or as a 3-year Digital Streaming License for $300, or as a DVD for $150.

Why the high cost for institutional DVD or streaming purchase?

If you are a large institution like a university, library or public school, it is likely that many more people will view the film over its lifespan. The higher price is a reflection of this larger audience over time. If you are an individual interested in purchasing the film for at-home use, please submit a form via our "Individuals" page.

How does the institutional streaming license work?

An institutional streaming license grants a purchasing institution the rights to view digital streaming files for a period of one year or three years from the purchase date to registered students, accredited researchers, faculty and staff of that institution. 

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